Go blonde 

From Ice White to Golden Highlights

That Blonde touch can refresh the entire facial look — acting as an instant illuminator for the eyes and the skin.


Finding your perfect shade is all about balance: fair skin tones are flattered by cool, pale colors whereas deeper complexions should opt for warmer hues.

The middy cut

A modern take on a vintage look.

The mid cut has come full circle and is a surprisingly low maintenance style.  Whether you prefer the choppy cut, Big & Bouncy or the dishevelled look.


Bobby pins at the ready! 


The Updo is so versatile, from the elegant Updo to the High Pony or slept-in buns,  giving you a drop dead look for every occasion. The Updo is a summer favourite and will accentuate those cheekbones. 

We offer the full range of traditional salon services.


We also specialise in hair-ups and provide bridal packages for wedding parties


Experienced colour specialists


Consultations by appointment


Ear piercing


Please contact us for more information about our services

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